What I Do

This is a blurb about what I do to jackets. I torture them, I torment them. I squeeze them until sun-rays come out of their butt.

Resurrecting the Old, Worn & Dusty

First of all I take any old jacket, send me your jacket that’s been in the wardrobe for 40 years and may as well been thrown out, or tell me what size and type of jacket you need and I’ll see what I can find.

Design it Up

Next I take a design from you, considering carefully what to craft into the jacket based on your lifestyle, wants and creative ideas. Let’s talk about what motivates you, what you find beautiful, or what your life has been like.

Choice Materials

Then I take colour, texture, materials, songs of angels, tears of the sun and a little pixie dust and craft the crap out of your design, onto the jacket. Using soldering irons, explosives, random cats I find in the street, copious amounts of love and a dash of magic, we bring your ideas to life, in bright, shining colour.

Post & Pay

Then I send you the jacket, in the mail, providing a reciept for transit and an estimated delivery time.

Prices vary depending on where we source the jacket, what you want on the thing, how long it might take me, materials used, and other factors, though we will certainly come up with an approximation once we’ve decided what we’d like to do and before we get started.

Take a Gander…

Please take a look at the galleries and see about ideas of shapes, colours, textures, etc, and bring your ideas to me, ready to go. We’ll fill in the blanks together.
I can’t wait to bring your ideas to life.