Who I am

A little about June

This is a little blurb about June, her history as an artist, how she got into developing groovy jackets, and her challenges and victories along the way, over x amount of time, making this wonderful artwork come to life.

I think this page deserves a little more history and internal thoughts and feelings from june – more about HER and HER LIFE STORY to be the content of this page.

Used to DJ on a ship, got around the world with Hawaiian Tropic and my work as a DJ. Went traveling quite a bit after that.
Became a teacher later down the line.
Became an art teacher, and started working in various mediums, picking up skills and experience in watercolour, acrylic, sketching, then moved into more niche areas like these jackets, as well as wax, which I now also work in, creating pieces like seen on my other site:

From the Author

I’m June, I’ve been around the world and what inspired me most was the colours I saw. The sky, the sea, the cresting of a sandy beach, the deep colours of the earth, a beautiful sunset, exotic creatures, pale cracked faces, etc.

People also have inspired me greatly, and i attempt to bring real motion into my work, sometimes in a serious light; sometimes with a little wit. If I can translate conversations or activities into my jackets I enjoy the outcome.

In addition to the environment and people, the elements also ring true in my work. I love the varied colours in fire, wind, water, and attempt to bring even music into my visual artwork.

When it comes down to it I try to apply my history and experience into my work, and provide for my customers and friends a representation of true human experience when I’m designing a jacket with them. Tell me what your life has been about and we’ll come up with some visual representations of who you are, what you’ve been through, and what you see in an ideal world.