The Studio

My workshop is my sacred place. Here I find excitement, peace… I really hear the music here.

I craft with materials such as:
* this
* that
* the other
* paints
* car keys
* old bits of gum
* gunpowder
* sunlight

I do enjoy making these jackets come “BACK” to life. With this notion in mind, I ensure that all the materials I use are resilliant and hardy enough to stand up to wet weather, bumps and bruises, and in most cases use paints and coatings that will not crack, especially around parts of the material that will constantly be on the move.

I am so grateful to my husband for building my chalet, providing a little room all of my own to create the crazy and incredible. He’s my light and joy, and supports my artwork greatly.


I use tools such as
* pneumatic drills
* wrenches
* paintbrushes
* windshield wipers
* spray paint

My workshop is always a mess, as you can see from the pictures 🙂 Sign of genius, they tell me. But today I’d like to discuss the challenges in learning my way around new tools and methods. It’s always a challenge at first, a bargain regarding what I want to be able to do versus the time it takes, but in the end the ends justify the means and I love taking on new utilities and processes to make different things come to life in different ways.


I have also run many workshops, teaching what I know to people all around europe, from close friends to paying customers and family members. I used to be a teacher and love teaching, though I am not sure I can put any more on at present (make me an offer perhaps if you are wanting to learn?)
I did enjoy passing down this knowledge, as this is quite a rare art, and I love seeing artists change gears for a while and get into something new and exquisite.