We are proud to be a part of a decent network of other artists, including friends of mine, co-workers, artists in like areas, and companies we work with.
We are NOT funded by any of these titles, just to be sure you know, and maintain our own agenda and lightweight business model. However we thought it would be nice to share the good news regarding who’s out there, what tools we use, a head’s up to our web guy, and a few other pointers…
Wax on canvas, a place of deep colour and textures for your walls and mantles!

And I wouldn’t be able to say this is a community without the ubuntu of so many wonderful people and groups around me:

Court Jester
Our web developer, in case you’re looking for a portfolio site of your own!

Cargo Bleu
A wonderful place of artwork and community, where we often show our work, buy and sell, as well as hold shows and workshops.

In the states, we have a sister artist who loves blue as much as we do. She does amazing artwork for walls and mantles, usually acrylic on canvas.