In addition to the humans and groups that I work with and love, I figured I’d also give a shoutout to some of the materials I use as well.
Here’s a few of the companies that I am particularly happy with, who provide material, paint, craftsware, tools and more, including their sites and logos, and in some cases examples of their products I am most commonly using.
One more time: We aren’t paid by these companies, this is simply good information for anyone looking to produce something similar, or anyone wanting to know the quality of what we use to create!

A wonderful place of products including paint and craftsware.
+ ThisProduct Clay for Molding
+ ThisProduct Wax for Material

A place I get many paints that I use. Their waterproofing is great, and the paints flex nicely.
+ Botchware Acrylic Paint
+ Botchware Semi-Transparent Coverture
+ Botchware Glitter and Ends